Support for Printer
NetPros printer support team has experience in providing support for printers of all major brands. Here are some of the common problems our printer team troubleshoots and resolves every day:

  • Installing or Setting up the printer

  • Printer compatibility with the computer or operating system.

  • The Print drivers are corrupt or outdated

  • The Printer drivers are missing or not installed or a wrong driver is installed

  • Jam in print spooling area, Print spooler error

  • The printing speed of a printer is very slow.

  • Frequent Paper Jams, Ink Cartridge Jam, and the paper feeder picks up multiple sheets of paper

  • The replaced new cartridges are still showing low level or no ink on the display..

    Printer always displays the message that color cartridge is missing even after putting a new color cartridge in the printer.

  • On using a printer, PC hangs.

  • Setting up printer Wirelessly

  • Difficulty in configuring ePrint

  • Unable to print from smart phone or wirelessly

Netpros Support for Printer
NetPros printer support service comes as a one time fix or a 6 month subscription plan; our techs will guide you which plan best suits you. You are entitled for a free diagnosis. Take advantage of our free diagnosis and get your printers fixed at an affordable price.