Diagnose and Fix
  • We diagnose and fix all kinds of computer problems with ease.
  • Can’t figure out what is wrong with your PC? We diagnose all issues for free and fix them at an affordable price.
  • We have world class technicians at your service to diagnose and fix your PC so you don’t have to disconnect it and haul it across town for help…
  • Solutions have never been so easy. Here at NetPros, we use highly qualified technicians and methods to diagnose and fix technical issues.
  • Solutions are only effective if diagnostics are accurate.  We diagnose all your technical issues with care and give you the best solution at an affordable price.
  • A Revolution has just started. At NetPros, we are here to diagnose all of your PC problems for free. We provide complete solutions at an affordable price.
Online Support
  • We provide remote assistance to resolve your technical issues.
  • Unfamiliar with that new gadget that looked like it would be so easy to hook up, when you were reading the box in the store? No problem, our technicians provide online remote assistance with adding new software or hardware, and any troubleshooting or configuration your PC needs.
  • We provide safe and secure online assistance through encrypted remote session to troubleshoot and fix issues.
  • We provide online support to our customers and we guarantee quality assistance and customer experience.
PC Tuneup
  • Your PC running slow? Not to worry, here at NetPros, our experienced technicians are there to tune up your PC for better performance.
  • Computer running slow? Do you suspect that your system needs optimization? PC reporting virtual memory errors? Get in touch with our expert techies for a faster solution and our PC tune up program.
  • Tuning up your PC was never so simple. High end technical assistance provided remotely to optimize the performance of your PC.
  • Getting error messages while trying to install that new printer, scanner, or camera? We are here to install and configure everything that you need. Relax while we take care of it.
Setup and Install
  • Installation and setup of everything from a new printer or camera, to a whole new PC, has never been easier. Feel the difference with NetPros. TECHIES with excellence.
  • Installation of software and drivers for the latest devices has been never so easy. Our world class technicians will do it all while you relax.