our team
Mike Scott(CEO)

Mike Scott is the brain behind the company’s growth and he is responsible for feeling the pulse of the current market, potential clients and investors, while strategically placing NetPros’ brand and products in front of its target audience. His expertise includes 12 years of high level marketing using analysis of very defined metrics in targeted niches including technology and the medical industry. He finds the optimum level of process management while maximizing current resources. His experience in creating trust in relationships through punctual deliverables and forming long lasting strategic partners is his greatest asset. His passion is to help people understand how technology can benefit their current financial position.

Raj Pondicherry (CTO)

As CTO, Raj is responsible for achieving the stated project objectives. His project management responsibilities include creating clear and feasible project objectives, building the project requirements, and managing the constraints of the project management triangle. He has designed various systems for a variety of industries including the entertainment industry and has extensive experience of 12 years in IT. He has over a decade of Project Management experience with a strong background in IT. He is extremely passionate about the health care and financial industry.

Vinod Kumar V (COO)

As a COO, Vinod Kumar V is responsible for all aspects of Netpros’ global operations including Delivery, R&D, Quality and Continuous Process Improvement. Vinod has delivered a variety of roles at various technical, operational and management levels and has over 10 years of experience in IT. His expertise includes business analysis, QA and process analysis. He has been instrumental in growing the software development team and facilities.